AQUADERM LIPO is praised in South Korea! (Video)

AQUADERM LIPO is praised in South Korea! (Video)
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«I tried it and it's amazing. Before you use some sort of an oil product, I highly recomend using this», highlights South Korea's top celebrity makeup artist for Medimar SA's AQUADERM LIPO!

The following video shows famous South Korean singer and actress Shin Ji-hoon discussing with a renowned celebrity makeup artist about what a professional´s pouch should contain. The expert presents the products that should not be missing from any makeup professional´s pouch.

The reference to MEDIMAR's AQUADERM LIPO starts at 9.24 in the video. The makeup artist emphasizes that the product was manufactured in Greece, points out that it is suitable for all skin types and that it is indicated both for protection and skin regeneration.


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